Four things to consider when you update your boat insurance policy

Making changes to your boat insurance policy can help ensure that your boat’s value is protected and you’re covered for the liability risks you face out on the water. Affordable Insurance Inc. is an insurance provider covering boat owners in Mountain Home, AR. We can help you make sure that your boat insurance policy is customized to your unique needs.

We encourage boat owners to periodically reevaluate their boat insurance coverage through the years.

The following are four things to consider when you update your boat insurance policy:

The navigational area in which you’ll be using your boat in the future

Your boat insurance provider needs to know where you plan to use your boat. Your insurance policy will only be in effect in certain navigational areas that the fine print of your policy specifies. You need to know the navigational limits of your policy. 

Modifications you’ve made to your boat

Modifying your boat can increase your boat value or make your boat safer. Both of these situations can impact your boat insurance premiums and your insurance coverage needs. 

Changes to your boat storage solution

Where you store your boat and the amount of time per year that your boat is in storage can impact your boat insurance costs.

When you update your policy, consider whether your boat storage practices are different than they were in the past. Notify your insurance provider of any changes. 

Changes in your financial situation

You might want to invest in more boat insurance coverage if you now have more funds available. Increasing the coverage on your boat insurance policy can end up saving you a lot of money in the long run if you have to file a claim. 

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