Ways to Keep Cabinet Items Steady While You’re on the Road

Engaging in RV travel is thrilling and distinct. RV enthusiasts, especially beginners, often underestimate the potential havoc on loose items during turns or over bumpy terrains. With invaluable insights from Affordable Insurance Inc. in Mountain Home, AR, this article presents effective solutions to keep your belongings from toppling or flying out of their storage places while cruising in your RV.

How to Avoid Falling and Flying Items

Essential to RVing is keeping items from tumbling out of cabinets or sliding off surfaces. A common tool to tackle this challenge is by creating barriers. For instance, small tension rods can be placed across refrigerator shelves or bookshelves to prevent large items from tumbling over. Bracing cabinet door knobs or pulls with bungee cords is also an excellent option.

Consider installing quake latches or child-safe latches on cabinet doors and drawers for added security. Safety locks on fridge and freezer doors can further prevent unanticipated spills. Don’t restrict these strategies to the kitchen alone; apply them throughout the RV.

Preventing Damage from Stationary Items

Items should remain immobile to prevent damage or spillage. For example, bottles in the refrigerator that can’t fit in the door can be placed in a high-walled canister or tray. Plates can be arranged in a rack secured with quake putty, while knickknacks can be fastened to surfaces using the same material.

For items that cannot be permanently affixed with putty, consider using silicone mats to inhibit their movement. Remember, safe travels begin with a firmly secured living space.

RV insurance is another crucial part of RV living and travel. Contact Affordable Insurance Inc. in Mountain Home, AR, for excellent options.