Common Misconceptions about Commercial Insurance

As a small business owner, you need accurate commercial insurance coverage to protect your business assets. Misconceptions about commercial insurance can cause you to make unwise decisions concerning your policy. At Affordable Insurance Inc., we’re helping small business owners in Mountain Home, AR make realistic insurance choices by bringing the following commercial insurance myths to light. 

Commercial Insurance Misconceptions

Myth: Your business isn’t big enough to warrant insurance coverage.

If your business is at risk of losing revenue due to theft, disaster damage, vandalism, etc., you need commercial insurance protection. By customizing your policy, you can obtain the protection you need without wasting money on unnecessary coverage.

Myth: Commercial insurance isn’t worth the cost.

Commercial insurance is an investment in your company’s future. Unless you can afford to pay for disaster damage, loss of inventory, or a lawsuit on your own, you need the protection that business insurance can provide. At Affordable Insurance, we’ll help you select the type and amount of coverage you need to avoid unnecessary costs.

Myth: General liability insurance protects your business against everything.

General liability insurance only protects you against liability mishaps that may occur when customers visit your business site. If, for example, a customer is accidentally injured or his vehicle damaged while visiting your warehouse, and you’re found at fault, liability insurance will pay for his medical or property damage costs. Liability insurance doesn’t cover damage to your building or property, loss of revenue, loss of inventory, employee injury, or other protection your business may need to keep you from financial loss.

Where to Buy Commercial Insurance Coverage

The right insurance coverage can help keep your business safe from financial ruin. At Affordable Insurance Inc., we can tailor your company’s policy to suit your unique business needs in Mountain Home, AR and surrounding communities. Contact us today for all your commercial insurance needs.