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How Does Renters’ Insurance Work?

When you rent your home, you need insurance on it to keep yourself protected from a number of financial dangers. Unlike home insurance, your renters’ insurance doesn’t cover the home itself. That coverage is the responsibility of the actual owner. Renters’ insurance instead offers a number of different types of protection all in one policy. If you need a renters’ policy, call us today at Affordable Insurance Inc in Mountain Home, AR.

Protection for Your Belongings

Most of what you own is likely in your home, and it should be protected by insurance. Many people seek out renters’ insurance specifically because it protects their possessions, though it does offer a number of other kinds of protection. When a covered event happens, such as a disaster, and your items are destroyed or damaged by it, your renters’ insurance policy will pay for the items to be repaired and/or replaced. This coverage is valuable for every renter. No one wants to have to start over after a big incident ruins their things. 

Accommodation Protection

If something does happen and your rental becomes unlivable, it can be tough to afford to go somewhere else to live while it is being fixed. However, this is exactly what your renters’ insurance policy will pay for. It will help you to move and to stay somewhere else until your rental is habitable again. This is an important protection for your standard of living. It can also prevent you from having a financial disaster if you do have to live elsewhere for a while. 

Get Your Renters’ Policy

If you rent, renters’ insurance is a must. It may even be required by your landlord. If you don’t yet have a policy for your rental, contact us today at Affordable Insurance Inc in Mountain Home, AR to find out more. 

How Does RV Insurance Work?

Recreational vehicles are a great way to travel, and they can serve as your home away from home. Recreational vehicle insurance is a unique type that covers both the home part of the vehicle and the truck part. If your RV doesn’t yet have RV insurance, give us a call at Affordable Insurance Inc in Mountain Home, AR to find out more.

RV Classes

The RV policy that you get has a lot to do with which class of RV you own. Each RV belongs in one of three classes based on its size and design. Class A is the largest of these classes with RVs included that can be up to 75 feet long. These are usually converted buses and motor coaches of the type often used for group travel. Class B RVs are among the smallest of these vehicles. The design with these does not have an area over the cab. These RVs tend to be travel trailers, campers, etc. RVs in class C are vehicles that are created by using a cargo van and blending it with a camper section that extends over the cab. Before you get an RV policy, tell your insurance agent which class your RV is in. 

Full-Time and Part-Time Insurance

Your RV insurance policy is also decided by how often you use it. There are RV policies for those who live in their RV full time as well as those who use their RV regularly or occasionally. Full-timer insurance is generally more expensive since the RV will constantly be in use. The age of the vehicle and its make also factor into your policy and its price. 

Get RV Insurance

Your RV should always be covered by RV insurance, so don’t let a day go by without it. Contact us at Affordable Insurance Inc in Mountain Home, AR. 

How Motorcycle Insurance Works

Motorcycles are amazing vehicles to ride, but they do come with their own risks. You can protect your motorcycle against many of these risks with a motorcycle insurance policy. To get your ride covered, call us at Affordable Insurance Inc in Mountain Home, AR.

Liability Coverage

As with auto insurance, motorcycle insurance comes in a number of coverage types. Liability coverage includes both bodily injury liability and property damage liability. If you were to cause an accident to another party with your motorcycle, your liability coverage would pay for the resulting bills up until your policy’s maximum is reached. This is an incredibly important insurance to have, as it protects you against lawsuits filed against you and other financial problems. It is also required to have both bodily injury liability and property damage liability coverage for motorcycles in Arkansas. 

Comprehensive and Collision Insurance

You can also choose to get comprehensive insurance, which covers the bike for damage and loss that is not due to a collision. Many different risks are included in this coverage, and it can help you to get back on the road faster after an incident that causes motorcycle loss or damage. There is also collision insurance. This covers the damage to your motorcycle if there is an accident that is your fault. It can also include bodily injury coverage, which pays for your resulting medical bills after an accident. You can also choose to get coverage for underinsured and uninsured motorists who cause an accident with your bike. 

Get Your Motorcycle Policy

Don’t drive your motorcycle without having the appropriate coverage for it, including the minimums required by the state. To find out more about motorcycle coverage, give us a call today at Affordable Insurance Inc in Mountain Home, AR to talk with an insurance agent.

Arkansas Boat Insurance — Does Your Boat Need Pollution Liability Coverage?

When you are looking for Arkansas boat insurance, you may hear the term pollution liability insurance. In Arkansas, you likely aren’t required to have boat insurance at all, unless your lender asks for it.

At Affordable Insurance Inc., we want Mountain Home, AR boat owners to be covered for every risk. That includes pollution liability insurance for your boat. You don’t want to realize that you need it when it is too late.

What is Pollution Liability Coverage in Boat Insurance?

Pollution liability coverage is coverage that protects you against the liability of pollution. Maritime laws are very protective of any toxins that may spill into the waters you take your boats on.

If you are found to be spilling toxins such as fuel or oil, you may be held liable for the cleanup of those spills. Pollution liability coverage will cover those costs.

Things you could be held liable for include:

• Gas or oil dripping from a nozzle when you fuel your boat
• Leakage from the bilge into the water
• Leaks from seals and lines
• Pollution from sinking, explosion, and fire

The Coast Guard requires you to notify them or any local authority in the event of a spill or leak into the water. It is your responsibility to contain the spill and clean it up as soon as possible. This could be very costly, depending on the spill.

What Does Pollution Liability Cover?

Pollution liability insurance for your boat will cover the costs of clean-up and any legal defenses that you might have as a result of a spill. It will also cover the operating costs of oversight or an accident if you add that to your policy.

Get a Quote

Having a boat in Arkansas is a big responsibility. At Affordable Insurance Inc., we want Mountain Home, AR boat owners to be protected from pollution liabilities. Call us for a quote today.

Do I Need Condo Insurance in Mountain Home AR?

Owning a condo in Mountain Home, AR has a satisfying feeling. Condos are a convenient alternative to single-sized family homes and provide an ideal opportunity to live near urban centers. 

However, even as you enjoy your new home, you need to think about condo insurance. While you are contributing towards condo association, this master policy covers common areas and the exterior of your dwelling. Unfortunately, this policy doesn’t protect your assets and the interior of your dwelling. And folks, that’s where condo insurance kicks in.

When you buy condo insurance from Affordable Insurance Inc., it comes with the below benefits. 

Loss of use

Unfortunately, your beloved home can be rendered unlivable due to a covered loss. In such instances, you need to relocate as your condo undergoes repairs. But since your relocation isn’t free, you will incur additional living expenses in your temporal residence. Thankfully, condo insurance can help cover expenses above your everyday living costs. 

Covers your personal assets

Your assets like electronics, furniture, and other belongings face risks like theft, fire, vandalism, water damage, and so forth. The good news is that condo insurance can bail you when such disasters destroy your assets.

Liability coverage

Suppose you host a party and an intoxicated guest falls, injuring their head. Or perhaps, your nephew throws a ball and breaks your neighbor’s window. In both instances, condo insurance can help cover the liabilities facing you. Condo insurance covers medical costs and property damage claims from third parties. 

Protects the interior of your dwelling

Your COA master policy covers the exterior of your dwelling but not your condo’s interior. That said, you need condo insurance to protect the walls, floor, fixtures, and other fittings of your condo. 

Purchase condo insurance today!

At Affordable Insurance Inc., we provide personalized and affordable insurance plans to the residents of Mountain Home, AR, and its surroundings. If you are looking for condo insurance coverage, please contact us today.

Is flood insurance in Arkansas always a good investment?

When you are a Mountain Home, AR area resident, you should always think about owning and purchasing your own home. As you are looking for a new home here, ensuring that you have the right insurance continues to be very important. One form of insurance that you should always consider getting is flood insurance. This type of insurance is a good investment in many situations.

When Trying to Protect Home

When having flood insurance is a good investment, one situation is when you are trying to protect your home. Those who live in Arkansas may be concerned about the risk of flood due to local rivers and lakes. If you are concerned about the risk of floods near your home, having flood insurance is a good option as it will offer the financial resources needed to cover any repairs that you have. 

When Trying to Comply with Requirements

It would be best if you also considered getting flood insurance when you want to stay in good standing with your lender. If your home is in a flood zone, your mortgage lender will require that you get proper insurance to protect it. If you do not have this coverage, you could violate the loan agreement and face penalization. 

If you would like to get a flood insurance plan in the Mountain Home, AR area, it would be wise to speak with Affordable Insurance Inc. There are a lot of important factors to take into consideration, and the team with Affordable Insurance Inc can help you choose a plan that is right for your situation. This will help ensure that your home is properly protected with insurance and that you stay in full compliance with your insurance obligations. 

Is the Life Insurance My Employer Provides Enough?

Did the latest case of an injury or illness that affected you or your loved one compel you to make some out-of-pocket payments after your employer’s insurance coverage hit the limit? If so, then it’s time to supplement your employer’s insurance policy with an individual insurance policy. 

Virtually all employers provide their employees with a group term life insurance that covers all their staff. The insurance coverage is a good perk for employees, and it can be a life-saving benefit package for employees with no life insurance. But such insurance coverage often has a limit, and you never know whether you’’ have any cash to make out-of-pocket payments when your medical bills go beyond the set cap. It’s prudent to determine whether the coverage is sufficient because an insufficient policy may put your family at risk if the worst happens.

Here are the top three reasons why Mountain Home, AR residents should get an individual insurance policy from Affordable Insurance Inc. even when they’re under an employer’s group term life insurance.

Job Loss

It’s possible to lose your job because of severe long-term illness, impairment, or going against the company’s set rules, regulations, and laws of the state. If you lose your job, you also lose your insurance coverage, which means your family will be at risk, and you’ll need to find alternative coverage. 


If you die, your employer’s insurance coverage may cease to protect your spouse and kids. But if you had individual coverage, your spouse may continue paying the premiums and still benefit from your supplementing personal insurance. 

Your Employer’s Insurance Cover May be Inadequate

Some insurance professionals recommend that your insurance should be worth at least 10 to 12 times your monthly earnings to be sufficient. This estimation may or may not be accurate. But you can talk to any insurance company to get advice on whether you’ll need to get a personal policy if the employer’s cover isn’t sufficient.  

If you’re a Mountain Home, AR resident who’s seeking a supplemental personal insurance policy, then it’s time to contact Affordable Insurance Inc. to get reliable quotes today!

Health insurance terms you need to understand

Choosing a health insurance plan is one of the most stressful things most people do every year. So much depends on getting it right. It could be the greatest insurance globally, but if the deductible is so high you never get it to cover anything, it doesn’t do you much good. It also has to be affordable because no one wants to be insurance-poor. At Affordable Insurance Inc in Mountain Home, AR, we have 25 years of experience providing the personal care all of our customers deserve and have come to expect. 


The deductible on a health insurance policy is the amount you must pay out of pocket before your health insurance coverage begins. High deductible policies can be very high and even mean nothing will get paid by your health insurance. Basically, it protects you from catastrophic illness or accidents. 


The copay is your portion of the covered service you receive. Your insurance pays the agreed-upon amount, and you pay a copay.  


These are health care savings accounts that allow you to put money into an account before paying taxes on them. The money can be used to pay the medical expenses you have in your deductible or copay. 


The network is the providers contracted with a particular carrier to provide services at an agreed-upon price. With most health insurance types, you either use specific services within the network or will get the best price for using other services outside the network. 


An HMO and a PPO are both types of managed care health insurance. The basic difference is in a PPO, you can go outside the network for services, but you will pay more. If you go outside the network in an HMO, the service will most times not be covered. 

Contact Affordable Insurance Inc in Mountain Home, AR, when you have health insurance questions. 

Will Auto Insurance Cover Belongings in the Car?

Many drivers in Mountain Home, AR assume that their car insurance will have them covered if anything is stolen from their car. This is a common misunderstanding, but the truth is that it’s actually your home insurance that will protect your belongings through the off-premises policy. If you don’t own your home, these possessions may also be covered through renters insurance or condo insurance.

Any possessions that your car insurance will cover will be permanent fixtures in the car, and only if your auto insurance policy is updated to reflect those additions. If you put expensive leather seat covers in your car, for instance, and let your auto insurance provider know about it, that would be added to the car’s total value and would be covered by your insurer as long as you have the appropriate policies.

If a Blu-Ray player is stolen from your back seat, on the other hand, that’s going to be handled by your home, renters, or condo insurance provider. Your auto insurance provider will cover your car through collision and comprehensive, and they will cover damages for which you are held responsible through liability. The possessions inside your car are going to be covered by another insurance policy.

If you have any questions or looking to get coverage for your car in Mountain Home, AR, get in touch with Affordable Insurance Inc. At Affordable Insurance Inc., the idea is to connect drivers with a great policy at a price they’ll like. Call or get in touch through the website and see what we can do for you.

Does Having a Swimming Pool Affect My Homeowner’s Insurance?

If you’re like many Mountain Home, AR residents, you want a way for your family to keep cool and have fun in the warmer months. While owning a swimming pool can be a great way to accomplish this, it can make a difference in how much you’ll pay for coverage. Please keep reading to learn more about how swimming pools affect your home insurance rates with this guide from our team at Affordable Insurance Inc.

The Risk of Having a Swimming Pool

When determining rates, most home insurance companies look at the risk of insuring your property. If there’s a higher chance you’ll eventually submit a claim, you’ll pay more for premiums.

That said, swimming pools are what companies refer to as an attractive nuisance. What this means is that having one in your yard means that it might be attractive to an unsupervised child, who could get into the water unsupervised and easily become injured or die. Homeowners are always encouraged to take precautions like putting up fencing and using gate locks, but this might not be enough.

Does Home Insurance Include Swimming Pools?

With some insurance carriers, pools are automatically included in the policy. But this isn’t always the case. That’s why it is important to tell your agent if you’re installing one, whether it is in the ground or just a temporary above-ground type so that your policy can be adjusted.

Furthermore, it is a good idea to increase your liability coverage if you’re adding a pool to your backyard. Having additional coverage if an unfortunate accident can help save you from a costly lawsuit and protect your overall financial wellbeing.

Are you ready to learn more about purchasing homeowner’s insurance in Mountain Home, AR? Please contact us at Affordable Insurance Inc. today to schedule an appointment.