Things To Do Now And Prepare For Warmer Weather

How to Prepare Your Home for The Upcoming Warmer Weather

As the snow melts away and the temperature gradually edges towards comfort, there is a checklist of tasks you need to accomplish around your property to gear up for the impending warmth. Let’s review those tasks one by one.

Clean Out Your Gutters

Ahead of the warm showers, ensuring your gutters are devoid of any blockages is critical. Winter months can lead to a buildup of waste from trees, wildlife, and the weather, causing your gutters to fill or obstruct.

Repaint Your Deck and Exterior

Intense heat can make your deck cumbersome to clean—a chore you may continually postpone. If your deck requires a paint job, you could risk it cracking or buckling from the heat unless it’s promptly addressed. This principle also applies to other parts of your home’s exterior that need painting.

Undertake a Power Wash Session on Your Home

Regardless of your home siding type, power washing your house is recommended at least bi-annually. As this activity can be laborious and require prolonged sun exposure, tackling it during spring, before the arrival of high temperatures is advisable. Power washing helps rid your home of any unwanted dirt and mildew that may have accumulated over the winter.

Inspect Your HVAC System

While attending to your gutters and power washing your home, don’t forget to check your HVAC system for any visible damage or leaks. If necessary, a swift inspection and prompt repair can save you a headache as the weather warms up.

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