Flood insurance for homebuyers: what do you need to know before getting a policy

If you are a homeowner and you want to protect your valuable investment, flood insurance is something that you need to consider. However, before buying a flood insurance policy, there are certain nuances you need to understand. Affordable Insurance Inc., serving the  Mountain Home, AR region, is here to assist with the things you should know when looking for flood insurance: 

Flood Insurance: Things You Should Know

  • Insurance costs. There are certain factors that might affect the cost of your flood insurance. The most common factors include the location of your property, elevation, flood risk, and the level of coverage you choose. 
  • 30-day waiting period. Most insurance companies selling flood insurance apply a 30-day waiting period. It means that you will have to wait 30 days before your flood insurance kicks in. Therefore, it is very important to buy flood insurance in advance. 
  • Risk assessment. Consider the property’s flood risk before buying any flood insurance policy. To find out whether the home is in a flood zone and whether it might experience flooding, consult flood maps and speak with local authorities or insurance agents.

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