Which types of vehicles are covered by RV insurance?

Determining which vehicles are covered by RV insurance may seem difficult; the answer is more straightforward than it first appears. Of course, the Affordable Insurance Inc. team serving the Mountain Home, AR area can answer all your questions and ensure you have the RV coverage you need.

RV Types and Insurance

RV insurance covers four RV types that can overlap in their appointments.

Class A RVs are top-of-the-line models that are up to 45 feet long. Built on a commercial truck or bus chassis, they are often viewed as a house on wheels, sleeping up to 8 people. A typical Class A RV has a full kitchen, bathroom with showers, washer and dryer, full-screen TV, and many other amenities. 

Class B RVs are built on full-size van frames and resemble delivery vans. Standard outfitting includes a galley with a burner, a small refrigerator, a bathroom, and living and sleeping space for 1 or 2 people.

Class C RVs fall between Classes A and B in length and weight and are built on a small truck or cutaway chassis. They often have sleeping space overhanging the cab, while their amenities range from near-luxury to modest.

Towable RV, or fifth-wheel camper, is pulled by trucks with a fifth-wheel attachment and substantial towing capacity. Towable RVs can be as large and luxurious as many Class A RVs. Unlike the other RVs, the towable’s insurance covers only the RV. The truck’s insurance covers the liability and other insurance needs.

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