How to Back Up Your Renters Insurance Claim

The time to buy renters insurance is the first day you move into a rental. When you suffer a loss or damage, it’s too late to turn back time and wish you’d purchased this value type of insurance from Affordable Insurance Inc. serving Mountain Home, AR. If it does come down to making a claim, here are some ideas to back it up.

How to Back Up Your Renters Insurance Claim

Keep Your Receipts

Whenever you buy something new for your rental, be sure to keep your receipt. You aren’t just keeping it in case you need to make a return or exchange. That receipt proves two things: One, that you own the item, and two, the retail value of the item. If it’s lost or damaged, you can submit the receipt with your claim to expedite the process.

Take Photos

It sounds redundant, but having a photo with you and your possession also helps to prove ownership—and the condition of your item—in the event that you end up having to make a claim on your renters’ insurance in Mountain Home, AR.

Make a Police Report

Some people are cynical about filing a police report when a possession is stolen. They figure that the police have better things to do than look for a stolen bike, etc. But filing a police report adds gravitas to your renters’ insurance claim. In addition, if your stolen item is recovered, the insurance company can recoup its own costs for compensating you for the claim.

Obtain a Replacement Cost

Your insurance company will need to know how much it would cost you to replace the item. Get three quotes and be prepared to submit them along with your claim.

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